Orange Reroute for 24 Highway Bridge Closure


With the closure of the 24-highway bridge and the Truman Library, the Orange route will be rerouting. The new route will go as follows.

Follow regular route leaving transit Center, once Orange route has left the Heritage house it will stay on Spring, make a left on Bess Truman Parkway, left on College, right onto River, left on 24 highway to follow regular route. On the inbound trip, follow regular route, once the bus gets to 24 highway and River, turn right on River, left onto college, continue onto Bess Truman Parkway, right on Spring to resume regular Route.

This reroute will take into effective immediately and will go on until further notice. We will alert the public once the reroute changes.



If you should have any questions or concerns, please send an email to Your questions will be answered.